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Using YouTube Converters

YouTube is currently the number three most visited site on the entire internet. Of course, it makes sense. The website has become he home for everything from documentaries to commercials to fans impassioned pleas to their teen idols. Anyone with a computer can enjoy Youtube and anyone who has a camera as well can participate.

Music videos used to be played on television every day, almost around the clock. Those days are long gone now that YouTube can literally play you whatever video you want at anytime. Bands used to grind it out in the hopes of one day playing in front of a talent scout. Now they have the opportunity to put their music on YouTube for a million talent scouts.

Nothing’s perfect though and one complaint people have had is the lack of mobility with YouTube. While it’s fun listening to a playlist while you are in earshot of your computer, the problem occurs when you want to go for a jog or drive to do some errands. YouTube isn’t very helpful then.

That’s where a YouTube converter comes in. The internet is full of websites that offer the services of taking a YouTube video you’ve selected and converting it into an MP3. Once converted, you can download the MP3 to your mobile device and be on your way.

While some converters will charge you a fee, the free ones work just as well. Do a Google search for “Youtube converter” and choose a free one. Then select the video you wish to convert on YouTube. The software will ask you to help it recognize it and once it does, conversion will start. This doesn’t take any time at all and once complete, you have an MP3 of your favorite song you can now take with you.

There are also mobile versions of these converters in case you’re out and about when you think of another song!

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